A woman preforming doula program services in Salt Lake City, UT

We will always support the notion that women will birth best where they feel safest, and for many that will mean delivery in the hospital. A hospital delivery does not necessarily mean that a natural birth cannot be achieved; having a natural birth in a medical center may, however, require a greater necessity for support and advocacy.

Our doula team has years of experience assisting families to navigate the sometimes complex logistics of hospital delivery and provide the continuity of a trusted provider that can enhance the birthing experience. Having supported hundreds of women in this capacity, we have the background to help women and partners experience the birth they desire.

We also have a special focus to support women experiencing high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, and seek out referrals to appropriate care providers should the path of their care be complicated for any reason, at any stage of gestation. It is our goal to match clients’ needs and desires toward the best achievable outcome for mother and baby.
Please call to schedule an initial consultation for our birth doula program so we may best help you.
Our birth doula package includes:

  • Consultation and two (2) prenatal counseling visits in our office
  • Availability by phone for pregnancy-related concerns
  • 24/7 coverage for labor
  • One postpartum support visit with your doula
  • Additional postpartum midwifery and/or doula care is available and provided separately
  • Cost for the Birth Doula service is $1,000

Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness, LLC also provides a range postpartum doula care services. This unique service includes an initial assessment of needs prior to your delivery and the development of a plan for after your postnatal time. Our doulas provide invaluable help in the following areas, to meet the needs of your family:

  • General housekeeping tasks, organizing, and laundry
  • Whole foods light meal planning and food prep
  • Assistance with baby care, enabling the mother to have time for self-care
  • Support and education for breastfeeding, with referral to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as needed
    Assistance following cesarean birth, with a special focus on healing and recovery
  • Lifestyle coaching and stress reduction techniques for new parents
  • Overnight newborn nanny available by request, with booking in advance of delivery (doula care provided from 9pm-7am, $250 flat rate)
  • Our postpartum doula care is charged by the hour ($30/hr with a 3 hr minimum), or you may purchase a package. Clients typically choose to have our postpartum doula assist them over the course of the first two weeks postpartum. Please call to arrange a complimentary consultation based on your anticipated needs.