Adrienne Brown

Founder, Midwife, Trail Runner
I’m a woman, a medical provider, a mom, a mentor, and an advocate. I am a midwife.

Growing up on a farm in rural central New York, I witnessed natural birth and natural living for as long as I can remember. From a young age I understood the basic concept that birth is a natural process – as it has been for ages – and fell in love with the beauty and power of creating life. So, when I sought out a midwife in 1995 to have a home birth for the first of my three children, Caleb, I was shocked at how medicalized and politicized the business of birth was, and how marginalized and misunderstood the practice of midwifery had become.

And that’s when I became a birth advocate.

I got involved in the political work of supporting informed choices for women and families, and founded grassroots consumer-based birth advocacy groups. I then went on to study women’s studies and sustainable leadership at Goddard College and Prescott College, and midwifery at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, TX, and have attended hundreds of births all over the country – from the South, to the East, and now in the West. I have served women in rural and intercity areas and from the process of family planning all the way through postpartum care. My focus is sharp, and my experience is broad.

I’m Adrienne Brown, and I’m a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and a Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife (LDEM) who provides modern, comprehensive, and expert care for women as they create and grow their families.

Adrianna Costello-Martin

Birth Educator, Birth Assistant, Birth Junkie

I have been a certified Bradley® teacher since October 1996, and I am the owner and founder of Sweet Pea Birth Classes. I have four Bradley® babies of my own: Caleb, born Feb. 1994 in a hospital with an OB, and Anna Claudia, born Dec. 1995 in the same hospital with the same OB. I gave birth to my third child, Leo, in May 2005, at home with two fabulous midwives in attendance. My fourth baby, Phoebe, was born at home in August 2009. She was birthed in the water, into my own hands (with midwives standing by)–an amazing experience!I have a degree from the University of Utah in Behavioral Science and Health, with a minor in Anthropology. I will be starting nursing school in Spring 2017, and from there will pursue my Certified Nurse Midwife Master’s degree.

I was a Certified Birth Attendant (midwife’s assistant/apprentice) at The Birth Center from 2008-2016, where I assisted midwives at birth center and home births, performed clinical duties and provided labor support.

  • Certified Birth Attendant (Midwife’s Assistant)
  • BLS (CPR) & NRP Certified
  • Certified BLS Instructor
  • Certified Phlebotomist

I am honored as a Bradley® birth educator to be a small part of such an amazing event in your life; to be able to participate as you discover the incredible power inherent in birth and in yourself as a birth-giver is such a privilege!

I hope to be a mentor and guide to you and your partner; to remind you that birth is a healthy, normal part of a woman’s life cycle; a profound rite of passage for women & their partners. Pregnant women are not sick. Pregnancy is not a condition or disability that needs curing. Women deliver babies, not doctors or midwives. Pain can be an inevitable part of childbirth, but pain does not need to equal suffering. I want you to leave my class prepared for whatever comes your way; ready for a powerful, intense, amazing birth experience.