midwife providing follow up care

Adrienne Brown

Adrienne Brown is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and a Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife (LDEM) who provides modern, comprehensive, and expert care for women as they create and grow their families. She grew up on a farm in rural central New York and witnessed natural birth and natural living from a young age. When Adrienne sought out a midwife in 1995 to have a home birth for the first of her three children, Caleb, she was shocked at how medicalized and politicized the business of birth was, and how marginalized and misunderstood the practice of midwifery had become.

And that’s when she became a birth advocate.

Adrienne got  involved in the political work of supporting informed choices for women and families, and founded grassroots consumer-based birth advocacy groups. She went on to study women’s studies and sustainable leadership at Goddard College and Prescott College, and midwifery at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, TX, and has attended hundreds of births all over the country – from the South, to the East, and now in the West. She has served women in rural and intercity areas and from the process of family planning all the way through postpartum care. Her focus is sharp, and her experience is broad.

Adrianna Costello

Adrianna Costello is the Birth Assistant Supervisor and a Student Midwife at Wasatch Midwifery, and has worked alongside Adrienne Brown since 2011. She has been a certified childbirth educator teaching The Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth since 1996. Her heart and soul resides in childbirth education, teaching parents how to navigate the USA’s broken maternity care system to get evidence-based, humane, compassionate birth care. Adrianna has four children, Caleb 26, Claudia 24, Leo 15, and Phoebe 10, all born unmedicated, two in the hospital and two at home. Adrianna was drawn to birth work after having a great OB/hospital birth with her first baby in 1994. When she is not at the clinic drinking lots of coffee, Adrianna is usually out roaming The SugarHood or nearby trails with her younger kids and 110-pound Great Dane/Rhodesian Ridgeback “doggy boyfriend,” Thor.

Kim Jewkes

Kim is our enthusiastic Administrative Director.  She grew up in San Diego but moved to Utah in 2007 to pursue a relationship with her husband.  She is our car seat and cloth diapering expert!  She enjoys body surfing, building sand castles, playing Fantasy Football and live music! Most mornings she runs with her dalmatian/husky puppy named Jersey, and loves attending sporting events with her family. Kim runs a Speed Stacking club at her children’s elementary school. She has two sons, Kevin and Jack, one born in hospital and one born with Adrienne as her midwife and Adriannna as her birth assistant. 

Amber Sudgen

Amber is our brilliant Medical Assistant and also works with us as a Birth Assistant. She is a full time student studying Medical Laboratory Science and hopes to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant. Amber is a Utah native who enjoys hiking and camping with her dog and her son, Hudson, and off-roading in southern Utah.

Claire Pan

Claire is our friendly Administrative Assistant at WMW. She grew up in Arkansas, but has lived in Wyoming, North Carolina, Vermont, and Lousiana. She moved to Utah in 2016 for the Summers and ended up staying for the Winters. She worked in childcare for 5 years before joining our team in 2020. Claire and her husband, Lincoln, live in Millcreek with their two doggies, Loretta and Emmylou. They love to take their dogs on hiking and camping adventures and can also be found snowboarding and roller-skating in their free time. Claire is super excited to take her varied experience and learn new and wonderful ways to care for babies and families in our clinic. 

Misty Beesley

Misty is a student midwife and certified lactation specialist that has worked with WMW for two years. She spends most of her free time with her partner, Dan, and their three kids Claire, Oliver, and August, two of which were born in their Sugarhouse home with midwives. She enjoys hiking, having deep conversations, and coffee! Misty is a Bay Area native who has found her home here in Utah with its seasons and quick access to the mountains. Her favorite parts about working at WMW are the high skill level and the close knit team. Misty is on track to become a licensed midwife in 2021 and hopes to continue serving the wonderful families here in Utah. 

Jane Dahle Bowen

Jane is a licensed CNM and women’s health nurse practitioner. She has been a registered nurse with over six years of experience in ER, pediatrics, and ICU. Jane is an avid cyclist and an Ironman triathlete. She has been married for 6 years and has two dogs. Jane and her partner welcomed their first child into the world with us here at WMW in 2020 ! 

Brittney Gonzalez

Brittney is our wonderful Medical Assistant at WMW. She brings her expertise to our team, having worked on Primary Children’s IV team for years. She is the star phlebotomist of the team, spending her days drawing labs and keeping our clinic running on time. Brittney is a placenta encapsulation specialist and offers her services to our patients. Brittney is married to her supportive partner, Goose, and has a 3 year old daughter, Elia. She gave birth to two beautiful identical twin boys in 2020 and is a busy mother of 3! She loves coffee, is a groupie for this obscure band called Murder By Death, and can be found travelling with her family in their new fifth wheel trailer.