Who We Are

Specializing in birth at home and in our new, modern, birthing center, our midwife team provides comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care. With over 36 combined years of experience, we are experts in the field of natural childbirth and maternity care. We also have a focus on natural health and wellness and incorporate nutrition counseling, healthy lifestyle awareness, and stress reduction into the work we do.

As mothers ourselves, it is our desire to have the opportunity to work with women and families as they desire to create safe and meaningful birthing experiences. We see providing a supportive, non-interventive environment for mothers and babies to birth as our focus with safe and satisfying birth outcomes as our goal.

Serving the greater Salt Lake Valley area along the Wasatch front, as well as Park City.


Delivering your baby outside of the hospital setting is a reasonable, safe, and evidence based option for women experiencing a normal, low risk pregnancy. We provide supportive, non-interventive, mother-baby centered care for uncomplicated childbirth. Birthing at home or in a birthing center is an opportunity for women and their partners to experience birth as a normal, natural life event, while having an exceptionally skilled and professional team to guide the process as needed.

In this setting, there is no separation of mothers from their babies and we do not carry out routine obstetrical interventions that may increase risk and complication to an otherwise healthy labor process. In this way, risk of infection, problems with establishing breastfeeding, interruption of bonding between baby and parents are avoided.
Women laboring and birthing at home or birthing center are supported to move freely, take in fluids and foods as desired, use hydrotherapy and other non-pharmacological methods of pain relief, utilize labor and birthing positions of their choosing, and have the help and presence of family and birth supporters of their choice.

Over the years, delivering a baby outside the hospital, given certain parameters of risk assessment and candidate selection, has been shown to be safe. This assertion is now truly evidenced based and backed by robust data not only in the US but internationally. Midwives, like the providers at Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness, LLC, are the most appropriate providers to care for low-risk, healthy women, with excellent result.

It has become our mission to not only provide safety in midwifery practice to our community, but to continually evolve our practice to include new measures of healthy outcomes in childbirth, encompassing the capacity for a positive experience that translates into healthy mothering and parenting and family development.

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